We are members of an alliance of clinical trial sites focused on providing quality research at independent locations across the U.S.

Clinical Trials of the Rockies


* A private monitoring conference room
* Wi-Fi

* A database of over 6500 patients, many of whom have not yet done a psychiatric trial
* A central location in Denver (near main transportation routes)
* Use of central IRBs
* Documented staff trainings for GCP, confidentiality, and emergency procedures

* Ample locked drug storage

* Experience with controlled substances studies/forms

* Rapid start-up and enrollment capabilities

* Ample free parking steps from the office

* EKG machine, -20 degree freezer, centrifuge

* Calibrated equipment

* 2 fully equipped exam rooms and an additional EEG/cognitive testing room

* Locked filing room

If so, please consider our highly skilled team and contact us about upcoming studies.  Board certified psychiatrists, Dr. Jennifer Lytle and Dr. David Weiss have conducted 21 neuropsychiatric clinical studies together over the past 3 years at a prior site and Dr. Lytle has been the PI on 18 additional psychiatric studies since starting her research career at Harvard Medical School in 2004.

Our site is interested in the following study areas and considers studies
in Psychiatry, Neurology and other indications:

Major Depressive Disorder
Smoking Cessation and other Substance Use Disorders
Anxiety Disorders (GAD, OCD, PTSD, Panic Disorder, phobias)
Bipolar Disorder
Medical Devices
Eating Disorders (Anorexia, Bulimia, Binge Eating Disorder)
Healthy, Normal populations

Our passion for psychiatric research and producing reliable and quality data by choosing appropriate study patients has led us to start our new location together.  Our new location and operating plan was designed with clinical trials in mind. 

* An ideal site, with extensive experience, focused on Psychiatric clinical trials in Denver?

* Excellence in physician oversight for your trial?

* A city with a relatively untouched study population?

Call Us:  303-495-2102

Sponsors looking for more information should contact:

Sponsor Liaison, Bobbie Theodore, at Clinical Trials Centers:
Phone: 916-939-6696
Email: clinicaltrials@alliancesites.com
Website: www.alliancesites.com


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