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David Weiss, MD is a board certified psychiatrist who trained at University of Colorado and has been an investigator on 18 trials for neuropsychiatric indications. He has extensive experience in both the public and private sector where he served as Medical Director and Chief of Staff at various behavioral health organizations. He is former Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at University of Colorado Medical School.

Please call 303-482-1316 to be considered for current studies in

Binge Eating Disorder, Healthy Subjects, OCD,

Migraine and Depression

Tina Thompson, B.S. has over 10 years of Clinical Research experience and recently worked as an IRB Coordinator for 18 months.  She obtained her Bachelor's of Science in Genetics and Molecular Biology at Washington State University.  

Alan Rosenberg, MD is a board certified rheumatologist who has had research experience over the past 45 years as a principal investigator for studies in rheumatology and as a sub-investigator for studies in psychiatry and internal medicine.

Abigail James has worked for the past 4 years as a research coordinator and data manager. Her background in psychology makes her a great fit for our team.

Hannah Kopfle is our lead recruiter and assistant coordinator. She conducts phone screens on interested study participants to determine their eligibility. She also helps the lead coordinators, when needed, by assisting with vitals and ECG's.

Bernadette Sullivan has 15 years of experience as a lab technician and lab manager. She is highly experienced in phlebotomy, processing all lab samples, and performing ECG's.

Clinical Trials of the Rockies

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The experienced team of Dr. David Weiss and Dr. Jennifer Lytle at Clinical Trials of the Rockies strives to bring neuropsychiatric research and other clinical trials to the Denver area and have been providing research studies in Denver since 2008.  We have an outpatient office where people in good health and people with mental health, neurologic, and other medical concerns have the opportunity to enroll in studies.  Our study team provides research studies in Denver and consists of two board-certified psychiatrists, two seasoned study coordinators, and a recruiter, who will educate all potential study participants about the potential benefits and risks of volunteering for a study.  Some people consider enrolling in studies to try medications that may not yet be on the market, some enroll in order contribute to society, and others enroll for entirely different reasons.  There are participants who enjoy having the regular visits and the close monitoring that are provided at no cost by being in a study, but people who dislike regular visits may not find a study is ideal for them.

Deciding whether a study is right for you is a two-way street.  On the one hand, Clinical Trials of the Rockies in Denver strives to give you as much information as we can about the specific study you are considering and about the study process so you can decide if you are interested.  We give you the opportunity to talk with a study coordinator on the phone and a physician usually talks to you on the phone or in our office before you officially start in a study with us.  On the other hand, we will ask you detailed questions about your symptoms, past history, and treatments to determine from our prospective if you have the potential to benefit from and if you may qualify for a given study.  We put your safety first. 

Your information is confidential.  If you would like us to communicate with your medical providers or to discuss your study participation with a trusted family member or friend, we are happy to do so with your written consent.  We do not communicate with your insurance company as all medication and visits are provided as part of a study.  There may be financial compensation for time and travel for participation in Clinical Trials or the Rockies research studies.

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​Sarah Dennis is a highly skilled Office/Coordinator Manager, having worked as an RN in the United Kingdom and as a Senior Product Manager at a large pharmaceutical company. She has a degree in Cancer Nursing.

Clinical Trials of the Rockies

Jennifer Lytle, MD, MPH is a board certified psychiatrist who started doing research during her residency at Harvard in 2004 and  has since been a principal investigator for over 35 neuropsychiatric research studies in Denver.  She obtained a master's degree in public health while also completing medical school, given her interest in patient education and research.  She has a private practice in general adult psychiatry.